Coaching: The secret of 21st Century Leadership

Coaching: The secret of Uncommon Leaders

I am super happy and could gather courage and confidence to write about this topic which has been so close to my heart but no leader was specifically talking about the importance of coaching or mentoring and how important it is to be integrated into the organizational culture and finally, I came across this remarkable book - Coaching: The secret of uncommon leadership by Ruchira Chaudhary. Every page of this book gave words to my thoughts that I kept within myself for so long and I am sure many people can relate to this feeling, every one of us has been a victim of miserable leadership. And an antinode for an enabling and empowering leadership could be reading and internalizing the lessons covered by Ruchira in this book combining personal insights, groundbreaking research and her wide experience in leadership development make it a compelling case for why a coach-leader is much needed for the 21st century.



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